Evanny Angelene Henningsen

b. 1991

Known for her portrait and figurative work, primarily using traditional mediums of charcoal and oil paint, is admired for her ability to recreate the sensation of aliveness. 

From an early age she displayed a natural affinity for art, encouraged  to make drawing a foundational strength, she kept a habit of sketching from imagination and progressed to practicing life drawing amongst other artists at Maquoketa Art Experience, A Fine Line group, and at Figge Art Museum. After an Associate's degree, she went on to pursue intensive training in Florence, Italy at Angel Academy of Art under a method adopted from the 19th-century European ateliers. She left to study under a contemporary master, Jeff Hein, in Salt Lake City to explore multi-figure painting utilizing a full range of colors.

Her latest paintings, with rich impastos and vertical brushstrokes, pull stylistic ideas from painters such as Rembrandt and Gustav Klimt seen during her travels to Boston and New York City. The bravado of traditional early 19th-century history painting and impressionist's exploration of color equally helped instill in her an aspiration to explore new ways of personal expression sensitive to nature yet open to interpretation.